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A Rubik’s Cube that’s comfortable in your pocket

November 29, 2007

Mix The Cube! screen

If you ever threw an unsovled Rubik’s cube at a wall out of frustration- well, you probably won’t want to try this because a broken $10 puzzle is still better than a broken $150 game system. Created by Sinasquax, Mix The Cube! takes that square-spinning puzzle to a whole ‘nother level with a feature set that’s pretty extensive for a first iteration release. I never did play with the real thing that much, but this one might actually grow on me because of what it offers. Included is a set of tutorials which ease you into the game and into the challenges ahead. You start from a 2x2x2 cube, with a few shuffles and moves, working your way up, or you can solve any cube you want in Free Game mode.

Also amazing for a homebrew game is that it uses the PSP’s own built-in save system to keep and load files. This alone adds a professional feel to the game. The options are also abundant; a lot of graphical tweaks and directory options for game files are available. In-game features include screenshots, which is nifty though maybe not crucial for this type of game. I would really welcome it in action games, though.

A common complaint is that the game freezes if put in the wrong directory- it needs to be put in a directory named by your firmware version. So if you are using firmware version 3.52, put the game and its contents in PSP/GAME352. With all that said, Mix The Cube! is a good take on an already existing concept, and programming-wise, the creator of the game seems to know what he’s doing. So I look forward to a likely improvement in the future.