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Starting on my Hackintosh PC build

November 18, 2008

After a long hiatus, 32-bit Shell is back. Lately I’ve been getting more into using a Mac again, since the last time I really used one was in the computer labs at college. But I cannot afford a Mac computer at the moment. So I did some research into the OSx86 Hackintosh project and decided to make a PC that would be fit to run a version of Mac OS X properly. I continued my research in hardware and installation configurations and have almost completed my purchase decisions…

Currently I own a self-build AMD machine that runs on an Athlon 64 X2 5000+ and an Abit AM-N2 motherboard. This is a pretty good setup for general purpose use, but not so great for a Mac install. The first time I jumped into experimenting with OSx86, I tried to use two distributions of OS X Panther, Zephyroth AMD 10.5.2 (revision 1) and Kalyway 10.5.2. The Zephyroth build is optimized and used for AMD processors only- I got it to install and after a few bios tweaks, it was able to boot properly and run. But the hardware side felt very crippled- I couldn’t use the onboard sound and ethernet, and aside from that, I wasn’t able to get a successful dual-boot configuration (I had to reinstall Windows after that). I wanted to run Mac on a PC in the best way possible.

So now I decided that to get the best setup possible (and to use a patched retail version of OS X) I must go with Intel. The last time I owned an Intel PC was back in the Pentium days- mine was a 100mhz beige box from Packard Bell. It turns out that the Intel D975Xbx2 (the Bad Axe 2) is a great motherboard to ensure almost everything would work out of the box using Mac. I went for the original Bad Axe, which is very similar, and cheaper too. It’s based off the 975 X Express chipset and one of Intel’s flagship boards when it first came out. I would only need to make two purchases for my Mac build- the motherboard itself and a processor. Everything else I already felt was adequate.

Intel D975Xbx

But I lied- I only need to make one purchase, as the Bad Axe already arrived a few days ago. I was a little worried about the revision number- some revisions do not support the Core 2 processors which would really put me in the stone age and I would have to return it. I’d need revision 304 or higher to use them. Good news when it arrived- it is revision 306 so I’m in the clear. All I can do right now is save up a bit more to buy a good Core 2 Duo and look through the motherboard package and its generous set of accessories. The manual is also very comprehensive and detailed- no funny Engrish text here. Even if the D975Xbx is somewhat dated (and I can no longer use my DDR2 800 ram to its full potential) it’s easily my best motherboard purchase yet. Next, I will actually start rebuilding my PC once I get a processor and go step by step on how I’ll get everything to work smoothly.


Mac’s new web ad: Don’t Give Up on Vista

November 27, 2007

Yeah, another YouTube link so soon, but this one’s kinda out there. Apple has usually been known for its aggressive marketing, and it’s not slowing down with its latest addition to the Mac campaign. The following internet ad appears on the CNet’s own Windows Vista Page! Better yet (or worse, depending on your perspective), it cleverly uses the page’s own content and layout to make its point against its competitor.

This marketing tactic seems so wily, so inconsiderate…it could be described as “ehhhh…I don’t think that should be legal.” What’s next, political attack ads against presidential candidates on their own websites?