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A Rubik’s Cube that’s comfortable in your pocket

November 29, 2007

Mix The Cube! screen

If you ever threw an unsovled Rubik’s cube at a wall out of frustration- well, you probably won’t want to try this because a broken $10 puzzle is still better than a broken $150 game system. Created by Sinasquax, Mix The Cube! takes that square-spinning puzzle to a whole ‘nother level with a feature set that’s pretty extensive for a first iteration release. I never did play with the real thing that much, but this one might actually grow on me because of what it offers. Included is a set of tutorials which ease you into the game and into the challenges ahead. You start from a 2x2x2 cube, with a few shuffles and moves, working your way up, or you can solve any cube you want in Free Game mode.

Also amazing for a homebrew game is that it uses the PSP’s own built-in save system to keep and load files. This alone adds a professional feel to the game. The options are also abundant; a lot of graphical tweaks and directory options for game files are available. In-game features include screenshots, which is nifty though maybe not crucial for this type of game. I would really welcome it in action games, though.

A common complaint is that the game freezes if put in the wrong directory- it needs to be put in a directory named by your firmware version. So if you are using firmware version 3.52, put the game and its contents in PSP/GAME352. With all that said, Mix The Cube! is a good take on an already existing concept, and programming-wise, the creator of the game seems to know what he’s doing. So I look forward to a likely improvement in the future.


Other stuff along the way

November 13, 2007

While working on my PSP game, I’ve been thinking of continuing a few not-so-related projects.

First is PSPMyAdmin, which was supposed to be a tool to help you manage MySQL databases. Due to the lack of having a server on the PSP, the program uses SQL files and parses them to produce an image of the database structure. So it’s like editing an actual database, without the need to login or access a server. I’ve put this off a couple months ago but I could be returning to it, and use the Danzeff OSK with it. It would really cut down on time to make an interface for the program. I haven’t played with the source yet, but hopefully it should be easy to change its appearance to blend in with my program a bit more.

The next thing I’ve been working on is a simple OBJ parser. It’s based off the code from PSPMyAdmin so I got a head start there. Currently I’m working out some bugs with producing some vertex information, but it is almost done. This tool would actually be useful in helping others produce 3D homebrew games.

The best (free!) puzzle game for PSP.

October 10, 2007


Hexaxis XXI is a puzzle game that started life on the PC and has been ported successfully to the PSP. Developer Darksoft has just released a new update for the homebrew title (version 8), and it’s almost as good as the big screen version. Look familiar to some of you? Yes, it’s based off of Devil Dice and the more recent Bombastic, but with Hexaxis you can get it for the low, low price of free. However, it’s not a total copycat. Hexaxis has added a few twists- most noticeably, the playing field is tilted vertically and feels a bit like Tetris. While in Devil Dice you can move the dice in any direction, here the dice fall from the top, moving them left or right before they reach the end. The game’s presentation is very polished for a PSP homebrew title, including some pro-sounding music as well as a 3D interface. If you have a homebrew-ready PSP (this won’t work on official Sony firmware), this game is a great addition for any puzzle enthusiast.