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Portabalooza, my new site

December 6, 2007


For the past week, I’ve been concentrating on getting a new site up and running, and making some further tweaks to it. It’s called Portabalooza, which will be a place for updates and news on portable video games. Soon I will be thinking about doing game reviews, as well. Keeping up to date with the news is tough, but it’s still nice to give my views about certain stories and games. So whether you’re a DS fan, PSP fan, or love any sort of portable games, keep posted, because as the site grows it will be updated on a frequent basis.


Hit F5 – refresh and take in the news.

September 20, 2007

Boy, I need to pay more attention to my blogging duties. I’d just want to let you know that my new website, Hit F5 (formerly GamingPal) has been up and running for two weeks now, in an experimental phase. It is a web portal, for news on video games collected from various news feeds. More feeds will be added every week, so you can have a fully customized repository for video game news.

Traffic is growing ever so slightly since its start but it’s already getting its share of loyal visitors. It experienced a huge traffic spike on the 17th of September, the second busiest day since the site launched. My guess is that it had to do with the anticipation of the Halo 3 launch. Many stories about that have made the front page.

Visit the website at and be sure to register to take advantage of its features and tell your friends about it!

New update on GamingPal

April 26, 2007

Hey, it’s been a while since I added anything new to this still very new blog, but here goes. GamingPal is nearing completion and could be ready within a week or two. It will launch with the basic features which include rating peoples’ posts and articles. Right now the form for adding articles needs the most attention. It works but not without some exploitable flaws.

It also has a new look, so expect the site to look a lot like this when it goes live:

GamingPal screenshot