Pick-o-Mania puzzle game in alpha

December 30, 2010

Hope you all had a great Christmas, and I’m looking foward to next year. I’ve already managed to roll out my first game this year, just before the year is over. It’s Pick-o-Mania, a straightforward puzzle game on matching colored pieces. It’s still in an early alpha stage for now…there’s no scoring system and menus aren’t in place yet. But most of the interaction is there, and I want to have it tested to see if it works properly (no crashes) with other people. Aside from what I just mentioned, some other game rules would be added, and graphics will surely be different in the final product.

This game was made on my graphics engine, which I will continue to develop as I learn more from this experience. Some of the features that the game uses from the engine are:
– Incremental loading (3D models are loaded as smaller chunks to keep a consistent framerate in loading screens)
– Entity handling and smooth movements of 3D models
– Per-instance culling (although it’s barely used in a game like this)
– Support multiple shader effects
– Color picking system (entities have unique ‘invisible’ color IDs that get detected when the mouse clicks on them)

Pick-o-Mania puzzle game

Wanna try it out? Download it here: http://www.box.net/shared/2ozqm6rf2m

Simply click on the pieces that match two or more of the same color to remove them from the board. In the play screen, press “enter” to go back to the starting screen, and load the game again with a different set of pieces.

It’s for Windows only, and uses DirectX/Direct3D for graphics. So you may want need to download the Visual C++ 2008 runtime library, but I didn’t include it in order to save download time for those that already have it.


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