Ah, a new start

December 18, 2010

I am reviving this blog for game development purposes. From now on, The 32 Bit Shell will be a game development blog until I move to another blog or change its name. And for starters I don’t like the name much anymore, but it will stay until I am set on something better…

What am I starting out with for now? As you may notice from posts a few years ago, I was exploring “rolling marble” games. I consider them a great blend of platforming action and puzzles. Well for a couple months now I have been working on a game framework to make one just like that.

Along the way, however, I may release other, more basic, games to tack on more progress and experience with making games. Developers too often get burned out by working on the same projects and sticking with the same goals. Making other simple games would be a good way to show progress of my coding and design process with game engines. The next post will be going into more detail in the actual start and progress so far with my work.


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