Some graphical goodness

November 17, 2007

Here’s a scaled-down screenshot of how the game is looking on the PC side of things. Looking more like a Monkey Ball game, right?


Collision detection is still buggy on the edges and on angled surfaces, but angled surfaces need a different way to handle movement. But for flat surfaces the game looks totally playable, and that gives me enough progress to move on to working on the graphics a bit. So I’ll be handling that with OpenGL on the PC. Porting OpenGL functions to the PSP’s own GU graphics API would take more time, as there are some slight but important differences. Setting it up is not too different, but there are some things OpenGL does better than GU, and vice versa. I’d really like to see what visual effects the PSP is capable of.

I want to release this game on both the PC and PSP platforms, so eventually I would have to separate the platform-specific code from the game code. Using a flag to change macros before compile time sounds like the best choice for doing this, and cutting down on development time. This way I can use the same code for compiling both versions and all that would be needed to do is change one flag. It’s a lot better than updating two separate projects, and the separate compilers I use for each won’t really know the difference!


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