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First post of a development log.

October 30, 2007

For over a year I’ve been an active member of the PSP homebrew community and just now hoping to make a significant release sometime in the future. I’ve programmed some simple utility software but now it’s time to aim bigger. Development for 3D homebrew is slowly growing and I want to make my contribution with a game. So this is the first time I will publicly announce it will be a Super Monkey Ball-style game, in full 3D of course. My reasons for this choice are that it’s not too broad and ambitious like so many RPG projects out there, and it doesn’t demand a lot of creative assets (like storyline, characters, etc) meaning I won’t have much to distract me from working on the gameplay.

However, making a Monkey Ball clone is harder than once thought, mostly because of its deceptively simple gameplay. Simply put, the whole game revolves around physics. Good ol’ physics that need some time to work out the nasty math stuff. So right away I knew physics would be the first (and possibly biggest) technical hurdle I must encounter, and this is the area I’m currently working on. Burying myself under a lot of code and examples, this is definitely a new area for me to work with, but it will be a nice learning process. Currently I’m doing everything on the PC so I can progress faster, and the physics code itself should be easy to port to the PSP since there are virtually no dependencies.

This is something I want to be in for the long haul and I want this to be one of the best PSP homebrew out there (there will be a PC version too). So I’ll keep you posted on the progress, and many posts will vary from the purely technical to the broad and wide-reaching. Perhaps, through my steps in figuring things out, I hope that others might find this information useful as well.


Sonic for SSBB confirmed – Official German site

October 10, 2007

Sonic vs. Mario

Well, all speculations about Sonic being in Smash Bros. Brawl are put to rest- the blue blur will make his debut in Nintendo’s popular fighting series! As of this posting, the American English site has not listed this bit of news yet- it was found in the German version of the site. Maybe the maintainers of the site are working on it, or maybe this news is supposed to be only present for October 10, since the US is just starting on that day. Whatever the case may be, with Sonic and Snake as newcomers, a lot of big third-party characters are fair game now. LET US THROW OPEN THE FLOOR TO WILD ACCUSATIONS!!

Ahem. From the video, looks like Sonic is a bit too fast for his own good. Yeah, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog. But everything about him, not just his running, goes at a rapid pace. His punches, jumps, kicks- he might just give Sheik and Ganondorf a run for their money. Holy unbalanced fighting, Batman! But wait- maybe his attacks might be toned down damage-wise, as well as be less tolerant of taking damage from others. The video also hints at a Super Sonic starring along. Maybe as a hard-to-get unlockable character?

The best (free!) puzzle game for PSP.

October 10, 2007


Hexaxis XXI is a puzzle game that started life on the PC and has been ported successfully to the PSP. Developer Darksoft has just released a new update for the homebrew title (version 8), and it’s almost as good as the big screen version. Look familiar to some of you? Yes, it’s based off of Devil Dice and the more recent Bombastic, but with Hexaxis you can get it for the low, low price of free. However, it’s not a total copycat. Hexaxis has added a few twists- most noticeably, the playing field is tilted vertically and feels a bit like Tetris. While in Devil Dice you can move the dice in any direction, here the dice fall from the top, moving them left or right before they reach the end. The game’s presentation is very polished for a PSP homebrew title, including some pro-sounding music as well as a 3D interface. If you have a homebrew-ready PSP (this won’t work on official Sony firmware), this game is a great addition for any puzzle enthusiast.

$400 PS3 seems very likely

October 8, 2007

PS3 and hard drive

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 could be getting some hefty competition in terms of price and value. The rumor of a 40GB PS3 in North America is spreading even faster. This model is supposed to retail for around $400. GamesIndustry reports that it will likely come out in the month of November, ready for the holiday season. Aside from smaller hard drive, it will have 2 USB ports instead of 4. The Europe 40GB model came out of the need for a cheaper PS3. Right now, the Xbox 360 is enjoying a nice sales lead over the PS3 in N. America. Would this new cheaper alternative be enough to surpass the Xbox’s sales in the future?