Developers of Shrek video game steal Nintendo’s music and get away with it…for now

September 23, 2007

Here’s something that’s not reported often, mainly since it appeared in the blog of an IGN staff member and not their main site. Still it’s a hidden gem of information that’s should be interesting for fans of Nintendo and in particular, its Zelda franchise. Mark Bozon from IGN was in a bit of a surprise when he listened to the music of Shrek’s Dragon Tale for the V-Tech Vsmile Pocket system. One of my cousins bought this for his son, so this bulky contraption is familiar to me. I don’t remember him having this game, and it’s an edutainment game that normally no serious gamer would’ve cared, but this game straight off takes TWO songs from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You can view the video by clicking on the image below.

Shrek Dragon’s Tale

Now, this isn’t just a derivative or inspiration from the OoT music; the developers of the Shrek game flat out made a COMPLETE RIP of the music, and all they did was tack on some drum beats. I believe the first track is from inside Link’s house, and the second one is Kokiri Forest, but correct me if I’m wrong, guys. I don’t think Nintendo knows about it yet, but hey, they’re open to a lot of the email they get so it shouldn’t be hard to get them to take a look for themselves.


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